Teacher spotlight: Satvinder Kalley

Hannah Kipp 

Sugar Beet staff reporter 

From all the way across the Atlantic, Satvinder Kalley, public service ESL math teacher, is one of the most interesting faculty members at Garden City High School. Kalley was born in a small village called Kila Raipur in northern India in 1959. His family moved to England in the late 1960s due to the fact that his father wanted to give his children an English education, and the best way to do that was to move to an English speaking country. Kalley attended Greenwich University and procured a degree in mathematical finance, which he would later on have a master’s degree in. Kalley went into the occupation of computer programming and went to various places for work including the Netherlands, where Kalley worked for six months. Kalley then went on to move to the United State in his early30s. In 1999 Kalley went back to school to earn a degree in education. He taught in many places all around the country. One of his favorite teaching experiences was at Altamaha Technical College in southeast Georgia. He found that teaching was the career that best suited his aspirations.

“Not everyone can teach, teaching is something that some people don’t have the talent to figuring out how a student learns at their own individual pace. The most important part to teaching students anything, is the ability to find things that students know a lot

about, so that you can relate the subject you are teaching about to the students,” Kalley said.

In 2001 Kalley married his wife Judy, even though he was unsure to why he hit all her expectations.

Onetrait that Kalley is commonly known for is his abundance of extravagant stories.

“Kalley always came into our classroom and talked about the most crazy and interesting things. He always has an interesting take on practically everything,” Jyohtilakshami Kalarikkal, trade academy sophomore, said.

Kalleyis also known to be one a bit on the comedic side.

“Mr.Kalley is a highly intelligent and kind guy with an incredible sense of humor He is always making people laugh and telling random stories at all times of the day, including when he should be teaching,” Faith Whited, health academy senior, said.

Hannah Kipp is an arts and communications sophomore. You can contact her at kipph@student.gckschools.com.

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