New robotic creations

Cassidy Knoll

Sugar beet staff reporter

The robotics team has been working on many different things throughout the year. After school they are currently designing the body for a mini sumo robot using a CAD program and 3D printing parts. The goal of the project is to develop 3D modeling and electronic skills in preparation for their next big competition in fall. Because last year the robotics team qualified for regionals in Arkansas, their expectations are high for their next competition and they’re going to begin preparing near the end of this year.

“I am most proud of how we did at our last competition,” Elizabeth Cockes, trade academy junior said. “We had a crew of mostly freshman and we made it to regionals for the first time. I am also proud of the fact that I will be one of the only seniors next year that has done robotics throughout high school.”

Another big project they are working on is preparing for the annual robotics summer camp. Offered for students in grades 4 – 9, the camp will involve building a pinball machine along with the robots. A few of the high school robotics students will be volunteering as mentors and facilitators for the camp.

“By far I am most proud of the leadership and initiative that students have put into the robotics program both at the high school and across the district,” Yuriy Drubinskiy, robotics teacher said. “It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and failure in order to set a high standard year after year and I am always amazed with how Garden City students are able to rise to the occasions.”

Besides their big competition in fall, they are also looking at getting involved with a competition called Vex. This is the high school version of what the elementary robotics teams are doing, and they allow for much more creativity and sophistication on the robots design. They will be working on the robots both in class and after school. “It does not require any previous experience to get involved; just a willingness to learn and work with others,” Drubinskiy said. “If anyone is interested in seeing what this is all about they should consider taking the robotics or Applied Engineering elective classes for next year, join us after school, or better yet, do both.”

Cassidy Knoll is an arts and communication junior. Contact her at

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