Preseason: Swim dives into pool

Kayla Nguyen

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The girls swim team will be diving into a new season opening up with their first practice on Feb. 25.

“Preseason has gone great. We do dry land workouts twice a week and pool workouts twice a week. There is a group of girls who have committed to showing up to preseason workouts regularly and giving their all,” Emma Tull, varsity senior swimmer, said.

The aqua Buffs have suffered the loss of seniors from last year, like any other sport, but are expecting to rebuild their program for this upcoming season.

“The team this year is very small compared to last year, but hopefully more girls will show up seeing as winter sports are finishing,” Ashleigh Chappel, varsity swimmer, said.

The girls are working toward a strong season hoping to send a considerable group to state this year.

“My goal this season is to create a positive environment as a senior. Swimming is a really difficult sport, so a positive environment is key. Additionally, I hope to qualify individually for state and so I can take one final shot at making state finals,” Tull said.

Kayla Nguyen is a health sophomore. You can contact her at

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