Lady Buffs’ bowlers dominate Great Bend; boys fall to Panthers

BUFFS ROUNDUP: Thursday, January 23, 2020


Tuesday’s anticipated showdown with the Great Bend Panthers bowling teams was every bit as advertised.

The Lady Buffs were dominant against the Lady Panthers, sweeping 9 of the 11 points in the WAC race, while also earning the second and third highest 3-game series medals behind the performance of Emilee Giger (557) and Angelina Leeper (556).

On the flip side, the Buffs’ boys struggled on their home lanes at Hard Rock, winning just 2 of the 11 points available against the Panthers.


In the 3-game American 10-pin series, the Lady Buffs won each game (4 counting scores of the 6 bowlers), by margins of 710-702, 717-583 and 778-601. Overall, the 3-game series total was 2,205 for the Lady Buffs to 1,886 for Great Bend’s girls.

Great Bend did earn the No. 1 bowler for the 3-game series as Paige Wagner squeaked out a 2-pin win (559-557) over Giger and three over Leeper.

In the 3-game Baker Format (5 bowlers bowl 2 frames each, not in consecutive order), Great Bend garnered its only two points, winning games 1 and 3 (177-160 and 204-189) while GCHS won the middle game by a 157-151 margin.

The Lady Buffs will travel to Wichita and compete Friday in the Great Plains Invitational where they will bowl 3-games in the American 10-pin format, followed by 12 games of the Baker Format. Teams will then be seeded into the match play bracket to determine final standings.

Girls Results

3-Game Series: Garden City (710-717-778=2,205); Baker Format: Garden City (160-157-189=506). Great Bend 3-Game Series: 7202-583-601=1,886; Baker Format: 177-151-204=532.

Individual 3-Game Series: 2. Emilee Giger, 189-158-210=557; 3. Angelina Leeper, 164-222-170=556; Holly Bridges, 171-171-202=544; Karly Larson, 186-164-189=539; Britney Cruz, 150-123-177=450; Jaelyn Grim, 120-160-132=412.


The GCHS boys bowling team had its share of struggles in its dual with Great Bend. These two teams have been the powerhouses in the WAC for most of the last decade and were expected to be the top two again this season.

Tuesday, though, belonged to the visitors as they first opened with a sweep of the 3-game Series format by winning each game by scores of 798-777, 833-723 and 831-744 for an overall total of 2,462 pins to 2,244. The only two points for the Buffs came in the Baker Format where they won the first two games by scores of 192-191 and 196-168 before dropping the final 162-190.

Dionicio Resendiz topped the Buffs individuals in the 3-game series format with a 571 series on games of 200-199-172. That was good for third overall. Caleb Carr was next with a 563 series on games of 215-177-171. Kaden Whitehurst followed with a 535 (186-180-169). Zane Roth posted a 519 series (176-146-194), Jayce Farr at 499 (145-167-187) and Ty Weilert at 493 (136-166-191).

Great Bend’s Bryce Moore had a mastery of the Hard Rock boards as he put together a 736 series on games of 232-235-269 in leading the Panthers to their win.

The Buffs boys will compete Saturday in the Great Plains Invitational in Wichita where they will first bowl a three-game American 10-pin series, then follow with a 12-game Baker Format which will determine seedings into match play.

Boys Results

3-Game Series: Garden City (777-723-744=2,244); Baker Format: Garden City (192-196-162=550); Great Bend 3-Game Series (798-833-831=2,462); Baker Format (191-168-190=549).

Individual 3-Game Series: 3. Dionicio Resendiz, 200-199-172=571); Caleb Carr, 215-177-171=563; Kaden Whitehurst, 186-180-169=535); Zane Roth (176-146-194=519; Jayce Farr, 145-167-187); Ty Weilert, 136-166-191=493).


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