Sugar Beet: Speed bumps are back

Will Keller

The time is 8:06 a.m. and your driving a steady speed of 25 mph along Buffalo Way Boulevard when you see it: a black-and yellow-striped protrusion barricading your way. You’re already late, so slowing down isn’t an option, so you comprise and slow down to the speed limit. The collision feels like running over small headstone at the cemetery. These so called “speed bumps” have been halting every person visiting Garden City High School since their instillation in 2014. The abrupt seemingly-rectangular bump has had a hay day with lowered trucks and small cars slowing them down to an almost complete stop. The speedbumps completed the recipe for gridlock traffic when they were added to the circles poor design. However, throughout the 2016/17 school year the speed bumps started to break and by the end of the year, students triumphantly drove over a smooth rode without any distress.

August 2017. Your driving to school on the first day of the new school year when you see it: a small, concrete, reasonable-sized speed bump that blends right in with road. The impact is smooth and not too disgruntling. It almost feels like you haven’t hit anything at all. It’s so reasonable that it feels unnecessary, like Cornell notes. There isn’t even a noise when your car drives over it. It’s quiet. Almost too quiet. Suspicious? I think so. Maybe it’s just to remind students that they answer to ‘The Man’. Or, it could be a plot to tempt students to speed so the cops that patrol the circle can write more tickets. But, it’s probably just a reasonable traffic precaution and this school year will be even better.

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