Stuck Plans

Lindsey RichmeierSugar Beet staff reporter

This year, GCHS Student Council has put together many events that have been a huge hit. This school year, StuCo has put together the homecoming parade and assembly, powderpuff, a yoga session, and has worked with Buffalo Coffee Shop to make burritos and pancakes to raise money.

“There was a bigger turnout at the parade than I think a lot of us expected and I think StuCo did a great job at organizing, planning, and just getting everyone involved,” arts and communication senior Sidney Scott said.

There are many events coming up to look out for in the next couple months.

Kickball for your Heart tournament will be on November 13 for any students wanting to play.

Money will be raised by selling dry mix mason jars and working with Buffalo Coffee Shop. Community Service will be in action November 10 during a trash clean up day around Garden City. Green Club is being started by a StuCo committee who want to start recycling trash.

“During the second quarter, we have a lot more community service hours offered to us, which is really nice for StuCo considering we have to have a certain amount of community service hours and it makes it easier when StuCo creates community service for ourselves,” Scott said.

Senior Citizens are getting another chance at prom in which StuCo is hosting an event for senior citizens.

“There are lots of challenges when planning events. Sometimes, you are working with other groups and the communication isn’t that great or there are disagreements between ideas. All you have to do is overcome those types of things and come up with something that everyone agrees on and push through to create something great,” health and trade academy senior Kylee Hipp said.

Last year, the high school sports turned their WAC wins into points and won their 6th consecutive WAC cup. Student Council is in charge of making t-shirts for that win. There will be a twitter poll in the upcoming weeks to allow students to choose their favorite t-shirt design and the design that wins will be the one that gets put on the shirt. A main goal for Student Council this year is getting more of the student body involved.

“The student participation can always be improved and we will continue to strive for higher numbers at events,” Student Council teacher Janet Hackett said. Many opportunities are going to be available to all students and participation is important. To get involved, sign up for an activity or attend to watch.

Lindsey is a health and trade academy senior. Contact her at

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