Modern Show Choir spreads love on Valentine’s

Will Keller

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Some recognizable traits of Valentine’s Day at Garden City High are students dressed up, carrying bouquets of flowers, plush animals, chocolates and of course, sharply dressed Show Choir member performing singing valentines in classes. Garden City High School Modern Show Choir has performed singing valentines annually as a fund raiser.

A first timer in Show Choir, Jasmin Flores, explained the importance of the fund raiser.

“All the money we generate goes to new songs, clothes, props, travel expenses and other necessities,” Health Academy Sophomore Flores said. “A singing valentine costs $12 for someone at the school and $25 for somebody in Garden City. The revenue is important because it helps pay for entering the State and Regional Festival.”

The Show Choir offered four song options including “My Girl” for girls, “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” for guys, and either “I’ll Be There” and “Thinking Out Loud” as a Jazz Group. The choir performed Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14. Valentines were performed For those in Show Choir, putting people in the spotlight creates many funny situations. Taylor Newsome, a junior in the Health Academy amused about performing for her little brother this year.

“It was funny to go to my brother’s school and sing to him in front of his entire class,” Newsome said. “In the middle of the song your present the person with a rose and I gave him his and kissed him the cheek. My lipstick left a mark on his cheek and he blushed and threw the rose back at me.”

However, performing singing valentines also leads to awkward situations.

“One time this year we went to a business to perform and the guy wasn’t even there,” Newsome recounts. “We walked in super confident in our nice clothes and were like what the heck.”

Connor Hipp, a senior in the Heath Academy, and first year Show Choir member had his fair share of awkward moments as well.

“One lady we were performing for answered a phone call while we were singing,” Hipp said. “It seemed like the funniest thing that could happen at the moment.”

Johb Silva, a junior in the Arts and Communications Academy, loves the awkward moments delivering singing valentines.

“I delivered a rose to a little girl at Gertrude Walker and she threw it back at me and hit me in the face,” Silva recalls. “I’m pretty sure everyone almost stopped singing because it was so funny.”

Will Keller is a senior in the trade academy. Contact him at

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