May Impresses at Carnegie Hall

Jordan Koerperich

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Colten May, a red academy senior stole the show at Carnegie Hall. To be invited to Carnegie Hall is one of the greatest achievements a high school band member can hope for and that is exactly what Colten May did when he played in the High School Honers Performance Series. The Honors Performance Series brings together some of the most talented high school singers and band members. The 2018 High School Series took place the first through fifth of February and the Honors performances took place on the 5th. This event requires musicians/singers to go through an individual nomination and selection process. Colten May became eligible when he was accepted to All-State band.

“I heard of this opportunity because it was offered to me due to my acceptance to All-State band my junior year,” May said. “It was a great experience and I’m hoping playing in the Honors Performances will allow me to get really good scholarships to many music schools.”

The Honors Performances featured some of the most prestigious conductors in the United States. This included Dr. Edith Copley who is the Director of Choral Studies at Northern Arizona University and Lynne Gackle who is Professor of Ensembles and Associate Director of Choral Activities at Baylor University.

In all, the trip cost around $2,000, which included the program, all ground transportation and lodging in some of the highest rated hotels in New York City. May wasn’t alone in this experience as his mother and step dad attended with him as well. Brandy May, Colten’s mother was emotional when her son played the euphonium on stage.

“As he walked up on stage in Carnegie Hall I nearly lost it completely,” Brandy May said, “I was as proud of him as ever and I finally got to witness my sons dream coming true.”

It was all praise for Colten May on his trip and he had a great support team backing him the whole way. So be sure to congratulate him on getting to participate in this opportunity.

“I think this is a great opportunity for Colten if he is serious about being a musician,” Justin Johnson a friend of Colten said, “This is an experience he will never forget and we are all very proud of him. Students from GCHS getting accepted to go and do these types of events really puts our school on the map as a great place for music and arts.”

Jordan Koerperich  is a  health  and trade  student, you can  contact him at

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