Peter catches the attention of the audience

Cambry Hitchcock

Sugar Beet staff reporter

Peter Pan’s story has come to life February 13th and 15th on the Garden a City High school auditorium as theatre students performed the production of Peter and the Starcatcher.

Peter and the Starcatcher tells the back story of young Peter Pan before anyone knew who he was. It depicts his journey to Neverland and how the name Peter Pan came to be.

Every play performed has a message that the actors and actresses are trying to portray to their audience. Each play has a special meaning to each actor.

“The message if this show was that we all have to grow up,” Johb Silva, (Alf), said. “Life happens and at some point we have to realize that we need to mature and take things more seriously.”

Each character is carefully assigned to the actor that will most accurately portray the character’s personality on stage.

“In this play my character’s name was Alf,” Silva said. “He is a laid back old sea dog type. He is a funny sweet guy so I would like to think I am like him and can give the mood of his personality.”

The goal of every play is to appeal to the audience and make their experience as enjoyable as possible and the three months they had to prepare thus production.

“I enjoy watching my peers perform,” Donna Tran, sophomore, said. “I love seeing them show off their talents and just overall having fun together as a cast. I loved Peter and the Starcatcher and I think people should realize how talented our peers are and how Micah work they out in to these plays to make them so special like this amazing play. This one in particular was important to me because it was a spin on a story I loved when I was little. Seeing in portrayed in a different manor was interesting.”

Including young talent has always been a priority to the theatre program. Upcoming freshmen have the same opportunities to be  a part of the plays. Kyler Bennett, freshmen, played the lead role of Peter Pan in his first high school production.

“I have been involved in plays previously in middle school,” Bennett said. “At the high school level its so much more than a play, it’s an experience. Not only did we get the chance to get to know each other, you get to know yourself better.”

Cambry Hitchcock is a trade and health sophomore. You can contact her at

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