Swimming for funds

Cambry Hitchcock

Sugar beet staff reporter

(Aprils Fools)

A new year brings a new fundraiser for the Buffalo swimming teams. Fans can keep track of the days with every month featuring a different member of the swim team on a custom calendar. The boys and girls will each have their own edition of the calendar.

The pictures will feature individual swim team members in their competition swim wear. For younger swim participants, such as freshmen, they will be dressed as various sea animals.

“We have been tired of bierrock sales for a long time,” Jennifer Meng, girls swim coach, said. “We think it will bring in tons of money. I’m excited to see the children show off their talents for fundraising in a new way.”

The calendar will be full of motivating underwater photos showcasing the swimmers’ various uniforms while also promoting health benefits of swimming.

“Thankfully the boys can do a collaboration with us,” Meng said. “We love getting more people involved and making more money. Two editions will definitely bring in more funds so we will be able to afford more exciting swim caps and timers.”

Getting parents involved in fundraisers is important to the coaches. Taking care of all the money and keeping orders separated is a big job.

“We might have a special limited edition the first year,” Brian Watkins, boys head coach, said. “The parents might be a little bit disappointed that there are no bierrock sales but they encourage us to broaden our horizons. I’m excited to get new resources and continue building on these ideas.”

The swimmers are ecstatic to show off the progress they have made as a team. They each get to choose their swim uniform in their picture and the background. Some swimmers will take their pictures underwater and some will get action shots.

“I am excited to have a calendar I can sell to my family and friends,” Emma Dirks, sophomore, said. “People always want to buy something they can actually use, but also support the swim team. My grandma and my aunts would love to hang them in their offices at work, their homes, and even taking them on the go on road trips.”

Cambry Hitchcock is a trade and health sophomore. You can contact her at hitchcockc@student.gckschools.com.

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