College-bound students pursue fair

Caedyn Gomez

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The college fair is an event where college representatives come together at the school. Juniors and Seniors can go if they please. Students go around to each booth and ask college representatives questions they have about the school. There were about 50 total colleges from around the state and surrounding states including universities, technical schools and even military representatives. They answered students questions and concerns about the school. The college fair gave students an idea on where and what they wanted to do after high school. The event lasted about two hours. Seniors attended second hour and juniors attended third hour. Students did not have to attend the event, the college fair was held on the track in the main gym. 

Neal Jeffery, Kansas Wesleyan said “Our school is a four year, private liberal arts school. We have a smaller family like setting. Our school is set apart from others because students get more individual attention and the power to be involved outside the classroom. Kansas Wesleyan has 45 majors, we got programs all over the board to accounting to religion”. Different schools aren’t the area come down for the college fair such as Holcomb High School and Deerfield High School. 

The college fair is held once every October. 

“After high school I plan to go to college and straight to work, I plan on paying for it by financial aid or work until I can afford it. I would want to go to Kansas Wesleyan because I like the programs they offer for radio and photography. Another reason it’s because it’s relatively local and somewhat cheap”  Chris Gomez junior arts and communication said. 

The event will prepare help students and get them ready for the college life. It will have many students thinking about what they want to become and where they want to go. “I plan to attend Kansas University medical school, if that doesn’t work then I plan to go play baseball at Louisiana State University. I don’t worry about how I will get there because I have plenty of money saved up will get me where I need to be. I chose Kansas University because KU has the best medical program in my opinion, and pay my parents back when I’m a neurosurgeon”. Alejandro Martinez junior trade and health Academy. 

Attending the college fair is a good idea and will get students one step closer to their goal. 

Caedyn Gomez is a Public Service Academy sophomore. Contact him at

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