America turns to the power of the vote

Karly Larson

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The Greensboro sit-ins, National Walkout Day, Vietnam protest and March for Our Lives all have one aspect in common. They all unite the youth of this nation together as one voice.

As America enters the twenty-first century, it is now more and more common to see young adults participate in politics and social issues that consume the nation. Whether it be advocating on social media websites such as Twitter, or simply talking amongst their peers, the voices of the younger generation are being heard. For those who aren’t sure where to start when it comes to getting involved with the way our country is run, there is one very simple way to get involved: get out to the polls and vote.

Carey McFann, a trade and health history teacher, has been involved with the voting process since 2004 when he first registered to vote.

“I felt that it was my civic duty, and I was actually excited to begin voting,” McFann said. “I wanted to be involved in the process even as an eighteen-year-old.”

Not much has changed when it comes to eighteen-year-olds from then to now. Jackson Dirks, public service senior, has taken on the initiative to vote as well.

“Everyone should vote if they want their voices heard and have the right person get the job,” Dirks said. “Every single vote counts.”

However, having the required age to vote eighteen, many teens are not eligible to vote. Despite being a younger age, it is still possible for young adults to actively have a voice in their local and national government.

“High schoolers think they can’t do anything since they are so young,” Katie Chandler, arts and communications senior, said. “But you don’t have to be a certain age to educate people and educate yourself on certain topics facing the country.”

To register to vote, people may complete an online registration, a paper application that may be mailed in, or go to the Finney County Election Office and registering in person. The deadline to register for voting is Oct. 16, and the midterm elections will take place on Nov. 6. Polling locations include the 4-H building, Finney County Library, First Assembly of God Church, Garden Valley Church, Presbyterian Church and Holcomb Recreation Center. For more information, visit

Karly Larson is a trade and health junior. You can contact her at

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