‘Just one’ convention

Jordan Koerperich

Sugar Beet staff reporter

One of the biggest conventions in America, the 91st annual Future Farmers of America Convention took place last weekend. This national convention is held every year in Indianapolis, Indiana and give FFA members all over America the chance to gather in one place and get inspiration for the year ahead. This is one of the biggest conventions in America with people from all across the nation coming to participate, including some of the Garden City High Schools FFA members.

“The convention allows us to meet people all over the country.” Gracie Kraft, a GCHS FFA member said, “It shows us new technologies in Agriculture and the events help us with our leadership skills. It really helps some kids determine what they want to do for their future in Ag.”

The GCHS FFA students left Monday Afternoon to fit more events in their schedule.

“On this trip we got to see all over the city of Indianapolis, like the zoo for example. We went to Workshops and sessions with our national officers and we are going to a Garth Brooks concert, which he will play for all the FFA members who attend the convention. This is a great opportunity for letting students, like me, expand our knowledge in Ag and leadership.”

With about 67,000 people attending this convention the Indianapolis Colts and Pacers stadiums were easily filled by the mass of future farmers. Some of the events you can attend are the many professional speakers, National FFA competitions, concerts, workshops, a packed expo floor, and even a speech from the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

“The National FFA convention is a place where you can learn about your goals, Ag, leadership.” Said Lexus Springsteen, an FFA member, “We go to all different kinds of sessions with speakers that teach us how we can reach our goals and make a change in our community. We also learn about new advancements in Ag and other Ag related things like My FFA Chapter. It wasn’t all business though because we did get to visit the Indianapolis Zoo, the St. Louis Arch, a rodeo, and a Garth Brooks concert. This trip really showed me all the ways I can have an impact on my community and what I can do to make a change. I also loved getting to experience a new place with some of my best friends, it really gave me a greater appreciation for FFA and all that it stands for.”

This 4 day expo takes place in the national FFA center every year. This building includes 4,000 career success tours, 12,500 student workshop participants, and 4,000 American FFA degrees given out. The GCHS FFA students got back to home on Sunday, Oct. 28.

“There’s so many things to do at the convention it’s hard to get to all of it.” Said Pat Venjohn head advisor of GCHS FFA, “It’s mainly a coming together of students from all over the FFA. This year they had something called the blue room, which was new and had a different theme each day, our kids went to one called improving lives. Everything Agriculture is ever changing so it’s good to keep up with these things.”

The theme for this years FFA convention was “Just One”.

“The theme of “Just one” talks about what you can do as one person then that one person becomes two people and there is a snowball effect. There was student workshops over leadership and safety, which is becoming a big thing. The FFA also brought a lot of colleges in, more than a football field sized building was full of them giving information on programs they offered in Ag. This whole convention is to try and get the kids inspired to think about their future.”

Jordan Koerperich is a trade and health academy junior you can contact him at koerperichj@student.gckschools.com.

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