Junior class begins prom building extravaganza

Hannah Kipp 

Sugar Beet staff reporter 

The first 2019 Prom Committee meeting was in action on Jan. 9. During that time the juniors on the committee decided on the theme for the upcoming event. The theme that has been chosen for this year’s prom will be “vintage carnival.” A theme selected from a varied few such as, casino, under the stars, and enchanted forest. These themes were put onto an online Google format that the committee of juniors could then vote from after the explanation to the theme was presented in front of the committee during the meeting.

The participation for the event in past years has shown to be decreasing do to the lack of interest of prom. This year the committee has been said to be much more enthusiastic in deciding to make this year’s prom a home run.

“The meetings so far have shown a lot of promise considering the amount of students who have shown up and it is consistent. To be fair, we haven’t had too many meetings yet, but the participation seems to be going well,” Janet Hackett, prom sponsor, said.

The next meeting will be on Jan. 23 in room C208, Samantha Payne’s (prom sponsor) room.

Another large conversation referring to prom is “promposals.” The amount of promposals has significantly gone down in the past few years for unknown reasons. Many students have varied opinions on the matter.

“I think that promposals should make a comeback this year, and I’ve noticed that not many people have been doing them. I think that if people make an effort then it is pretty cool.” Kaetlyn Kohlhorst, trade and health academy junior, said.

prom committee expects this year to have a fun turnout.

“I think prom will turn out really well. We chose a really unique theme, but I think that is what will make this year’s prom so special. Everyone can have fun with it and put their own little spin on things which should make everything a lot more fun,” Reagan Karlin, trade and health academy junior, said.

The ticket prices for the prom are unspecified for the time being, but as always, seniors can attend free of charge. The date for the 2019 prom is March 23.


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