Garden City, Holcomb boys go 3-0 at Classic; Scott City girls perfect at Roundball

GARDEN CITY – The three-day Clarion Inn Roundball Classic, hosted by Garden City, Holcomb and Scott City high schools, concluded on Saturday, Dec. 14, with six games played at The Garden on the campus of Garden City High School.

Holcomb, Scott City and Garden City had each hosted girls and boys games on Thursday and Friday at their respective home sites before all games came to Garden City for the final day extravaganza of three girls and three boys games.

Garden City and Holcomb each finished with spotless 3-0 records in the boys division while the Scott City girls were perfect at 3-0 on the girls side. Garden City’s girls posted a 2-1 record, Holcomb’s girls and Scott City’s boys each went 1-2.

The all-tournament teams and Most Outstanding Players were also selected for the three days of competition.

Holcomb’s Jackson Stoppel, with a total of 68 points scored in 3 games (23-23-22), was the boys Most Outstanding Player while he was joined on the five-member all-tourney team by Garden City’s Azavier Williams (30 points), Wes McEvoy of Palmer Ridge, Colo. (41), Ladarius Mays of Coronado, Colo. (59) and Scott City’s Hunter Yager (47).

In the girls division, Lyndi Rumford, who scored 23 points in the Lady Beavers’ 61-52 win over Garden City on Saturday, was voted the Most Outstanding Player. Rumford, who scored 50 points in the three games, was joined on the all-tourney team by teammate Emily Weathers (37 points), Julie Calzonetti of Garden City (33), Austin Broadie of Wichita Trinity (59) and Nicole Ruda of Holcomb (32).





Day 1 – Thursday, Dec. 12

Garden City 49, Palmer Ridge, Colo. 40

Wichita Trinity 43, Holcomb 38

Scott City 65, Coronado, Colo. 41

Day 2 – Friday, Dec. 13

Garden City 53, Coronado, Colo. 39

Palmer Ridge, Colo. 48, Holcomb 35

Scott City 54, Wichita Trinity 40

Day 3 – Saturday, Dec. 14

Wichita Trinity 56, Palmer Ridge, Colo. 56

Holcomb 50, Coronado, Colo. 34

Scott City 61, Garden City 52

Final Records:

Scott City, 3-0

Garden City, 2-1

Wichita Trinity, 2-1

Palmer Ridge, Colo., 1-2

Holcomb, 1-2

Coronado, Colo., 0-3


Day 1 – Thursday, Dec. 12

Garden City 55, Palmer Ridge, Colo. 50

Holcomb 57, Wichita Trinity 31

Coronado, Colo. 71, Scott City 67

Day 2 – Friday, Dec. 13

Garden City 60, Coronado, Colo. 59

Holcomb 79, Palmer Ridge, Colo. 68

Scott City 60, Wichita Trinity 40

Day 3 – Saturday, Dec. 14

Garden City 54, Scott City 42

Holcomb 75, Coronado, Colo. 50

Palmer Ridge, Colo. 62, Wichita Trinity 51

Final Records

Garden City, 3-0

Holcomb, 3-0

Scott City, 1-2

Palmer Ridge, Colo., 1-2

Coronado, Colo., 1-2

Wichita Trinity, 0-3

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