Football falls to Northwest

Cambry Hitchcock

Sugar Beet staff reporter

The Buffaloes stormed the field last Friday against the Wichita Northwest ——. Despite their best efforts the Buffs fell short, ending with a score of 61 to 15 for a blowout victory.

“Personally I could have done a better job leading my team,” Kaleb LaPointe, senior said. “I should have helped them stay positive and have better attitudes after big plays and penalties were called against us. As a team however, we could have done a better job swarming the ball and making better tackles. Unnecessary penalties killed us.”

Being a senior on the team means more pressure and higher expectations. Senior athletes are held to a higher standard than most.

“Being a senior is a lot different because I feel like all eyes are on me,” Tye Davis, senior said. “We as a team have three goals for the season and that is to win WAC (Western Athletic Conference), beat Dodge City and keep the hatchet, and win a state championship. All of these goals are still in reach.”

Younger students on the football team look up to the upper class men players and use them as an example fore future games.

“We are going to be working relentlessly to beat Dodge just like we have in the past,” Alex Rodriguez, junior said. “Playing division one commits last weeks didn’t change my mentality because they are all human beings who have weaknesses and limits like everyone else. I wasn’t intimidated at all. I feel that some of the younger players were nervous because of it.”

The Buffaloes will be traveling to Dodge City to take on the Dodge City Demons on Friday, Oct. 12. Both teams will be battling for the hatchet, the Buffs in hopes of keeping the hatchet home.

“The outcome of the game just adds fuel to the fire as we go into hatchet week,” LaPointe said. “This is the game everyone looks forward to all season. We all have a different mentality when it comes to the hatchet game, there us a lot of pressure to keep it home.”

The Buffs are looking to prove they have what it takes to beat their ancient rivals the Demons.

“We are going to have good practices this week to get ourselves ready to play hard,” Davis said. “We have a couple banged up guys that we need to get healthy before the big game.”

The Buffaloes will continue their season as they travel to take on the Dodge City Red Demons, with a 7 p.m kickoff.

Cambry Hitchcock is a trade and health sophomore. You can contact her at

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