Regan’s Jewelers adds sparkle

Brody Hoff 

Sugar Beet staff reporter

It is 1934 and someone needs to pick up a new ring or necklace in Garden City, one place they might go would be Regan Jewelers. It is a family owned jewelry business that has been in operation for over 85 years on Main Street. Tim Regan picked the job up when his father retired in 1975 and he has managed the store since then.

“The best part of working here in this business has to be the interaction you have with people, you just cannot get that anywhere else and it is so valuable and it makes this job worth it everyday”, Tim Regan owner of Regan Jewelers said. He began working in the jewelry business soon after graduating high school. Tim Regan had worked a few odd jobs before coming into the business, but when he was asked to work by his father he came into the jewelry business.

“I love working here because after doing it for so many years I get to really know the customers and I can get along with them and have conversations on the day-to-day.” Jenise Regan Co-Owner said. She has worked at Regan’s for over 30 years as a retail worker. She is Tim Regan’s sisters-in-law and has continued to work for many years. Working at a jewelry store can have many benefits, Erin Bergen a sales associate loves the creative side.

“I love using my creative side to help design diamond rings and managing the social media site for the business to get our name out there”, Erin Bergen sales associate, said.

Working in a jewelry store can help a creative mind work.

“Another thing I love about working here is that I have only worked here for less than a year, but these people still treat my like family and that is a lot of respect that you do not get at the larger chain stores, here at these local businesses we treat our customers and employees like family”, Bergen said.

Regan Jewelers has only changed locations once in its 85 years and that move was to the other side of the street to located at 412 North Main Street.

“Jewelry is like most careers, if you have the passion for something then do it, travel, get more experiences life is too short to do nothing, or worse to do something that you hate being in a career is about doing what you love and making money while doing it. That is why in high school you need to try a variety of things to know what you like and hate.”, Tim Regan said.

Regan Jewelers has anywhere from five to eight workers working at a time.

“We hire a variety of workers, the thing that is most important to me when I hire someone is that they ask a lot of questions and that they really have a passion for what they are doing, to me those are the best workers.”, Tim Regan said.

Brody Hoff is a Trade Sophomore, you can contact him at

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