Girls’ volleyball takes home hardware

Brody Hoff 

Sugarbeet staff reporter 

Lady Buffs dig their way through the sub-state competition for a chance to compete at the state level. On Oct. 20 the volleyball team competed in the sub-state competition and beat both of their competitors. They first faced Derby and after beating them they went against the Topeka High team. Because of this they can now compete and the 6A state competition with chance to become the state champions.

“I’m really excited, but nervous, I have been to state years before this so I know state is a tough competition, but we are as prepared as a team as we can be for the state meet”, Reagan Karlin, varsity junior said.

The team played against Derby for their first game. They then played against Topeka High and they managed to win both games.

“When we played Derby we started off really slow, but we got going and won that game although it was a lot closer than it should have been, we then played Topeka High who was a tough team, but we came out on top and we really worked well as a team,” Karlin said.

Sub-state took place in Topeka at the Topeka High School. The state competition will take place in Salina at the high school on Oct. 27.

“We did really good, I’m very confident because we managed to beat Topeka and Derby although we could work on getting started faster, but we did manage to play our hearts out” Symmone Simmons,  varsity sophomore.

The competitive nature of the state competition means that all teams have to come ready to compete and play. “I really want to make it to day two so we are going to have to play really well, however I know that we definitely can get there as a team as long as we focus on starting sooner and not struggling so early game.” Remi Vargas a varsity junior said. The volleyball team is a younger team than the Lady Buffs usually have with a total eight sophomores, three juniors and one senior.

“We are super ready for this competition, this is what we have been preparing for all season, every game we’ve won and loss has lead up to the games at the state competition,” Vargas said.

Brody Hoff is a trade and health academy student you can contact him at

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